Our Objective

Our Vision

To be the leading contributor in imparting professional world-class education in Tourism, Healthcare, Hospitality and IT sector. The vision is to promote the quality of human life by engaging as a leader in the process of culminating and sharing knowledge through innovative educational tools.

Our Mision

To train and nurture the young minds who dream big and aspire to become future leaders in their choice of professional sector.
To produce socially and globally value driven individuals who are capable of providing leadership.
To drive one's capability in basic and applied research techniques to generate new concept and methods for the betterment of the society.
To be recognized as the national and global player in the education sector for our honesty, transparency and proactive education and training methodologies.

Our Objective

DSMS is well aware of the changing industry trends and the ever growing needs in Hospitality, Tourism, Healthcare and IT sector.
DSMS is committed to instilling in its students the professional and industrial skills as required by the national and international corporate firms.
DSMS also offers professional training platform for the youth who aspires to become entrepreneur and managers and would promote their business in the medium run at national and international level.
Compete on PAN India basis to draw the potential students and faculties by providing a contributive environment.
DSMS implies on basic and applied research in management and service domain to issue informative documents in national and international publication, to elevate the subject base of hotel, healthcare and hospitality industry.
It creates a systematic management education through networking, knowledge sharing and seminars.
DSMS monitors the ongoing developments in foreign universities, their training methodology and course curriculum and fetches the required programmes after carefully analyzing its relevance to Indian students.
DSMS aims, since its inception to encourage Industry- Institution interaction to build mutually beneficial relations.