DSMS Group
DSMS Group runs several leading institutions in Eastern India having top-class facilities and providing an unrivaled range of education opportunities of outstanding breadth and quality. The Group is unique in its size and organizational structure.

DSMS Society

DSMS Society was promoted by eminent educationists. Its reputation was built on outstandingly successful undergraduate programmes like Hotel Management, Business Administration, Computer Application, Hospital Management, Tourism Management.

DSMS is proud to have a sprawling, picturesque campus on 7 acres of land including college campus and different hostels for boys and girls. The college has highly equipped laboratories, libraries, classrooms and other modern facilities.


DSMS Vision


To play a leading role to provide world class education in Hospitality, Tourism, Healthcare and IT Sector to uplift on continuous basis the quality of life human community by remaining as a leader in the creation, synthesis and spread of knowledge through innovation tools of modern education.


DSMS Mission


To train and develop the young talent of community to become leaders in corporate field who would lead the human effort to achieve societal goals as to make the quality of life better with the passage of time.
To give thrust in basic and applied research exploring new concepts, tools, methods that would benefit the human community.
To get national and international recognition and repute as a leading player in the field of education through its openness, honest practices, transparency, proactive educational and training methodologies for the student who would act as medium of change for betterment of the human community.


DSMS Objective

DSMS has been closely watching the growth of Hospitality, Tourism, Healthcare and Information Technology Industry and is completely aware of the growing needs of the Industry.
DSMS is committed to inculcate the skill sets as required by Indian and International Corporate Houses among the students.
To make DSMS as the training platform for the talented youth to become Entrepreneur- Managers who in the medium-run would cause promotion of or promote by themselves in Industries in Local and National level.
Compete on all India basis to attract the best of talents among students and faculties by providing conducive to environment.
DSMS would give research thrust in basic and applied research in Management field in service industry to cause to publish papers in national and international publications that would enrich the subject in Hotel, Hospitality, and Healthcare industry.
It would create vibrancy in Management Education by networking, knowledge-sharing, Seminars etc.
DSMS would closely monitor the developments that are made in Universities in overseas in training methodologies, course curriculum etc. and would bring them to its Institute after closely studying the relevance to Indian students.
DSMS at it has been doing since its inception would increase Industry-Institute interactions to build relations that would be mutually beneficial.



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