DSMS College of Tourism & Management

Being average has become unacceptable. Being productive and flexible and being able to contribute has become the new order. Learning how to initiate, organize, and manage individuals and teams have become an all absorbing necessity. DSMS Society was promoted by eminent educationists. Its reputation was built on outstandingly successful undergraduate programmes like Business Administration and Computer Application


Career opportunities exist both in the public and private sectors across the manufacturing and service industries. The focus of DSMS is to ensure the employability of the students equipping them with the right skills.

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The world has moved on, the global economy has become a reality, knowledge has become the new capital and executives have to be empowered with new skills and competencies. The DSMS 4F philosophy ensures this.

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DSMS has separate hostels: Sampriti for boys and Sampurna for girls.

All the rooms at the DSMS hostels are spacious and well ventilated, with plenty of sunlight. Both hostels have a multi-gym and facilities of indoor and outdoor games.

Transport services are provided for trips between the hostels and the campus.

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